Allerin develops integrated technology solutions for businesses that aim to provide excellent customer experiences using mobile, desktop and embedded devices. Experts estimate that the IoT will consist of almost 50 billion objects by 2020.

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Allerin is a software solutions provider that delivers the most innovative and agile solutions that enable clients to automate, inspire and impress. For more than two decades they have been conducting analysis to develop solutions that not only cater to their customers’ current requirements, but also scale seamlessly for future needs. Allerin employs around 150 employees and has affiliate offices on four continents. Allerin’s IoT and M2M software technology helps their customers create new products, business models and services.


While they had a lot of experience regarding the wide range of services, they didn’t have the same expertise when it comes to design. Allerin had a great vision and strategy, but the overal visual appearance of the company held them back from their goals.

The brand of the company still lived in the “Web 2.0” era, so the complete redesign was a must. The website lacked good information architecture, so the navigation and understanding of services they offered were not clear enough. On top of that, responsive design of the website was just as bad. That being said, indicators like high bounce rate and low conversion rate were not surprising.


The aim was to completely redesign the website and create visual identity of the company, with the goal of making their online presence better. I was responisble for creative direction and UX design. The main issue that I had to solve was to group a wide variety of services into a few categories. The members of my team were Marko Milovanovic, in charge of the logo design, and Marko Manojlovic, responsible for front-end development.

Allerin had a development team, so they wanted to be involved in the implementation of the website using Ruby on Rails, since they have a lot of experience with it. In order to make the collaboration easier we used inVision for prototyping and GIT for version control.


Due to the fact that Allerin is mostly B2B (business to business) company, there's no much data that shows direct results of the brand and website redesign. Anyway, from analytics we could notice slighl improvements in bounce rate and loading time.
  • 61% decreased bounce rate
  • 3s faster loading time


A completely new logo was created using the flame as a symbol of creation and growth, connecting it to the meaning of the word “allerin” which refers to “beginning of good things” in Hindi language. Inspired by the Olympic Games, we reshaped the letter “i” into a torch with a flame, marking the new beggining.

Inspiration for the letter “i”
Fully geometric logo using only circle shapes
The fire from the letter "i"
Edited Condiment font
Colour pallete
Google webfonts


The main focus of a visitor is on services, therefore, to make it easer to navigate through the website, a distinct icon was assigned to each group of services.

Drop menu from the main navigation shows a list of services
Careers page
Contact page details and form
Main service icons


A whole new design was applied to the existing blog powered by WordPress. That helped in significatly decreasing the bounce rate. (the percentage of visitors to a particular website who navigate away from the site after viewing only one page.)

Homepage of the blog
Article thumbnails on the blog's homepage
Article view of the blog


Since Allerin offers solutions for providing excellent user experience regarding the IoT, the fully funtional website on mobile devices was a necessity.

Main navigation menu
Service menu
Contact page
Form on the careers page

I have known Milos for quite some years now, and hence can vouch that he is not just an asset, but an achievement for any UX related work. He does not only understand, but calibrates the differece between UX and Design. While most of designers just seek instructions and guidelines to provide concepts, Milos does his research to understand the requirements.


Naveen Joshi, CEO


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