Cymonz provides the opportunity to launch or streamline currency exchange and international payments business, it is fully customizable with complete control of pricing and fees.

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Cymonz provides the tools to power currency business by offering different solutions for currency companies, financial institutions, startups, banks and credit unions. The platform can be fully hosted by Cymonz or deployed in house by a client, with a range of package options. The motto of the company is that currency exchange and money transfers should be a cost effective and simple process. Whether it is an individual transferring their hard earned money home to support family or friends or a company conducting international trade when it comes to foreign currency transfers every dollar counts.


Simon, the CEO of the company, approached me with a question if I am interested to help him and his team accomplish their goals. They have built a great strategy but simply didn’t have the time to build a strong online presence, so the overal visual appearance of the company was not satisfactory and trustworthy.

Because of the bad information architecture, the navigation of the website was very confusing. It was very hard to comprehend the services and solutions the company offers to potential clients or partners, and that lead to high bounce rate and low conversion rate of the website.

Besides the online, also the “offline presence” was not great. The design of the PowerPoint presentation used in meetings, which is a great deal in this type of business, was too cluttered, and again, did not look trustworthy.


This website is just an overview of Cymonz platform, which is just a part of the largest project I have ever done. This platform consists of Client application and Back Office application, which contian more than 750 pages combined. Therefore, there was the need to have consistency in user interface across the whole platform.

The aim was to completely redesign the website, with a main focus on information architecture, and improve the visual identity of the company, leading to the goal of increasing conversion rate as the most important KPI (Key Performance Indicator).

In order to do achive this, I asked for help from my colleagues and old friends, Vladan Tacic, in charge of back-end, and Marko Manojlovic, responsible for front-end development. inVision helped a lot to collaborate with the client, since the time zone difference was really big (12 hours).


​After the launch of the website we found that conversion of visitors to leads increased, time on site increased, and there was a significant drop in bounce rate. This was reflected over all countries that we actively target customers in.
  • 73% increased conversion rate
  • 396% increased page views
  • 30% decreased bounce rate


The classic corporative look was refreshed by using bright and vivid colours for the logo, which I slightly tuned up by removing the gradient from the old logo, making it more reliable and trustworthy.

Refreshed logo with updated colours
Colour pallete
Google webfonts


The aim was to reorganize and rename the categories of services, in order to make it easier for clients to comprehend them. Hence, now there is a clear destinction between the categories and the options they have.

Homepage clearly shows services grouped into four categories
Platform overview on the homepage
Solution page
Target audience on the solution page
Feature overview on the solution page


Regarding the fact that the website was intended for business clients, who are always in a hurry and on the move, the fully funtional website on mobile devices was a must.

Quote of the CEO
Main categories
Main menu


Even though making PowerPoint presentations is not something I generaly do, this time I made an exception since the old presentation for the potental clients was not on the satisfying level. Since, in most cases, the presentation is the first step in getting to know the company and its services, it is of an utmost importance to make it appealing and effective.

Sample slides from the PowerPoint presentation

The communication with Milos from day one was structured ​and timely. He easily understood our requirements and communicated his ideas and vision for the site well. Where Milos saw a flaw in our thinking or goals, he was quick to communicate this to us and was always willing to discuss and educate us when we were to disagree on design or structural aspects of the website while at the same time be willing to listen to our requirements.


Simon Lynch, CEO


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