DICE is a startup company that provides services related to vehicle, house and industrial cleaning using carbon dioxide (CO2), commonly known as dry ice. CO2 is a non-poisonous, liquefied gas, which is both inexpensive and easily stored at work sites.

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DICE (an initialism for Dry Ice Cleaning in Emirates) provides luxurious services for premium customers in Dubai area. Even though it is an in-depth detailed cleaning, it is actually quick and simple. Dry ice cleaning (a.k.a dry ice blasting) is non-abrasive and non-conductive, therefore it won't damage most substrates and can be used safely on electrical components. Moreover, it is completely safe for the operator and people near the area of cleaning since there are no chemicals or industrial waste, and hance, it’s environmentally friendly.


DICE approached us with an idea to offer luxurous cleaning service in Dubai, and they needed a development team that could help them to scope, build and launch a website and application for ordering their services. Also, they asked us to create a visual identity that will represent the purity of their services, which are intended for premium customers.

The two main tasks were: to design and develop a responsive landing page, and to create a simple ordering process in order to make it easily accessible and convinient for the customers on the move.


After several meetings with the client we knew exactly what they needed, and soon after we formed a team of four. I was responisble for creative direction and UX design and the other team members were: Vladan Tacic - in charge of project management and back-end development, Marko Milovanovic - responsible for branding and Marko Manojlovic - in charge of front-end development. Therefore, as a team we worked together towards the accomplishment of our goal - to create a deluxe and elegant user experience for valued customers.

In a two-month period we managed to build the brand which reflected the client’s wishes, as well as landing page and web application, after many iterations and prototypes.


A few weeks after that, the company started to work, and the first feedback was great, but right now DICE still does not offer the option to book a service online due to some investor delays. In the meantime, we used that break to run a more detailed beta testing so that after everyting is settled we can launch the full service with a “single” click. Since the project is partly on hold, some of the screens below might be subject to change.


The idea of creating this visual identity was inspired by two components. On one side, we had ice and its chemical composition and visual characteristics. On the other, we focused on cultural and social asspects of the targeted customers, by using curved lines and geometrical shapes, as well as the golden colour reflecting Dubai’s sand and wealth.

  • Water
  • Snowflake
  • Gold
  • Domes
Fully geometric logo using only parallel lines and circles
The balance between luxury and purity
Colour pallete used for the logo and the website
Noto Serif Italic gives some elegant note, while Lato is used for intro headlines and parapgraph text.


We created an elegant landing page that includes list of services with CTA button, making it possible for customers to order the services quickly and directly from the homepage. The homepage itself depicts a short description of services, whereas the more detailed description can be found on services page.

Homepage shows the option to check availability and start a booking process
The illustration of the cleaning process

03Booking Process

After logging in, the client would be redirected to the clients’ dashboard, where we created a simple booking process that takes only a few steps to complete, excluding all unnecessary input fileds. The reason was to make it easier for our clients to book the services, since they are often in a hurry and on the go. In the clients’ dashboard the user can also check out his pending and history bookings, as well as to access his account settings.

Sign in form
Call to Action on the homepage
Sign up form
New booking in the client area
Billing information form
Security code (CVV) popup


The appearance of this clients’ dashboard on smaller screens resembles the layout of a mobile application. Our goal was to transfer all of the functions effectively from the desktop website and dashboard to the mobile version.

Dashboard menu
New booking
Profile information
Request address
Confirm order

The first project we did together was in our college days, for a non-profitable community about video games. That's how we even met, while gaming and communicating online, so basically, we followed each other's path from juniors to seniors, and oh boy we learned a lot. Now, after several years, we work on a daily basis on a wide range of projects for different clients all over the globe. Milos is a very organised and neat person, a bit too much if you ask me, just kidding. I think that's his most valuable asset, which is crucial in his profession, and business in general.


Vladan Tacic, Developer


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