Client FX

Client FX is an end-user application for international money transfer service with real exchange rates and no hidden fees. CFX is a part of the Currency for Change project under the Cymonz platform.

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Client FX is a code-name for an application that provides the online exchange of currency and payments to bank accounts worldwide. It is meant for end-users, specifically, it targets migrants, high net worth individuals and small companies. CFX is a part of the project Currency for Change, which is intended to change the way users transfer money.

Unlike other similar services CFC offers low and upfront fees only, where there are no hidden expenses. Also, a percentage of the fees will be donated to charities selected by users. This is where the currency for change comes from, as users have the possibility to select a charity or social project in the country they are either sending money to or from and build out the social aspect.


Simon, the CEO of the company, needed the help regarding this project, more specifically, user experience. My task was to design a landing page, clients’ and admins’ web applications, however, in this case study the focus on clients’ application. Also, I was asked to create a visual identity that will represent the project appropriately.

The navigation of the application was very important, therefore, the need to build a good information architecture was essential. The Client FX and Admin FX application contian more than 700 pages combined. Therefore, there was the need to have consistency in user interface across the whole platform.


The first step was to make a list of all pages and possible states of the application. In order to do the task neatly, I used GoogleDocs to note down everything. Regarding the large number of other minor, as well as major tasks, we used Trello so that we can track the progress easily. The feedback on the design was given through inVision, which is my personal best tool for such purpose.

Collaboration was essential, so we utilised the abovementioned tools to ensure the best communication and performance across the entire process, since there was a big time difference - the client was on GMT+13, while I was on GMT+1.

Due to the large number of pages, designing the sleek styleguide was another important task, in order to have consistency across the application. The reason for that was to make it easier for users to navigate through, since this service is intended to be used by all kinds of people.

The other members of my team were: Marko Milovanovic - responsible for branding and Marko Manojlovic - in charge of front-end development.


The application is still a work in progress, but anyway, the beta version showed some amazing results just in the first year. The drop out rate on registration halved. Due to the software upgrade, now 90% of registrations are automatically approved, instead of requiring manual approval as before. 80% of transactions are self-service, done online by the client, compared to 10% previously, which resulted in huge savings since the number of emails and phone calls significantly decreased.
  • 48% decreased drop out rate on registration
  • 72% decrease in web-related phone calls


Due to a large number of pages, designing the sleek styleguide was another important task, in order to have consistency across the application. The reason for that was to make it easier for users to navigate through since this service is intended to be used by wide range of people.

Styleguide sample of the web application


Regarding the fact that the majority of data in this application is in a form of tables, I decided to make the horizontal navigation, to make the content visible on smaller screens without using the horizontal scroll.

Dashboard/Home page shows favourite rates as well as balance, history and open orders
Balances tab under the history page
New transfer page
User can filter all transactions made in same currency


Even though there is a plan to create mobile applications in future, the main functionality of the application needed to be sustaniable. Taking into consideration a large number of options, only the major ones were kept for the mobile version, to make UX simpler.

New transfer, currency details
New transfer, quote details
Sidemenu as the main navigation
Currency picker

04Alternative Layout

After completing the design of the original layout, the client requested a creation of an alternative one with vertical navigation, mostly due to the fact that he also wanted to offer more options to his partners regarding choosing the layout.

Cancelled orders
Currency picker
Personal information
Different states of the sidemenu (Expanded / Collapsed / New user)

Apart from loving the UI and UX that Milos produces, it is very rewarding to work with him as he is never afraid to question our requirements, and add his point of view, whilst willing to accept and improve our decisions on some aspects of the project. After working with Milos once, we can now trust him to get on with projects and deliver them without too much detailed input from ourselves, allowing us to focus on running our business.


Simon Lynch, CEO


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